VLSP 2012 - Workshop Program

8h30-8h45:  Registration
8h45-8h50: Opening
8h50-9h15:   Invited talk:  Vietnamese Word Sketches (Adam Kilgarriff and Phuong Le Hong) 
9h15-9h30:   A Robust Vietnamese Voice Server for Automated Directory Assistance Application (Duong Dau Ngoc Ha, Minh Le Ha, Cuong Le Quoc and Quan Vu) 
9h30-9h45:   iSago: The Vietnamese Mobile Speech Assistant for Food-court and Restaurant Location  (Hue Nguyen, Truong Tran, Nhi Le, Nhut Pham and Quan Vu) 
9h45-10h00:  The Development of Vietnamese Corpora Toward Speech Translation System (Thang Vu and Mai Luong Chi) 
10h00-10h15:  Coffee break 
10h15-10h30:  A Vietnamese Part-of-speech Tagging based on Maximum Entropy Bidirectional Dependency Network Model (An Nguyen and Dien Dinh) 
10h30-10h45:  An effective context-based method for Vietnamese word segmentation (Ngoc Anh Tran, Thanh Tinh Dao and Phuong Thai Nguyen)
10h45-11h00:  Identifying and Reordering Chinese Preposition for Chinese-Vietnamese Machine Translation (Phuoc Tran Thanh and Dien Dinh) 
11h00-12h00:  Activity reports of VLSP groups. 

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