VLSP 2023 Evaluation Campaign

The VLSP 2023 evaluation campaign deals with several shared-tasks for text and speech processing.

  1. Vietnamese Constituency Parsing    
  2. Legal Textual Entailment Recognition    
  3. Comparative Opinion Mining from Vietnamese Product Reviews    
  4. Vietnamese Large Language Models    
  5. Machine Translation
  6. Visual Reading Comprehension for Vietnamese    
  7. Automatic Speech Recognition and Speech Emotion Recognition
  8. Emotional Speech Synthesis
  9. Vietnamese Spoofing-Aware Speaker Verification
  10. Vietnamese Mispronunciation Detection

VLSP shared-tasks aim at promoting the most efficient methods for these important tools. The organization of these campaigns with sponsorships from academia and industry permit to build and offer to the VLSP community gold datasets for training and testing Vietnamese text and speech processing systems.

Participants of all speech shared tasks this year have to contribute or join to build the dataset before receiving it. The main task is to transcribe or to correct the transcription or to verify the same identity for a small part of the dataset.

The participants to the evaluation campaign will be asked to present their system in a dedicated paper.