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Oriental COCOSDA is the Oriental chapter of COCOSDA, an acronym of the International Committee for the Coordination and Standardisation of Speech Databases and Assessment Techniques, was established in 1991 to promote international cooperation in developing speech corpora and coordinating assessment methods of speech input/output systems. The purpose of Oriental COCOSDA is to exchange ideas, share information and discusses regional matters on creation, utilization, dissemination of spoken language corpora of oriental languages and also on the assessment methods of speech recognition/synthesis systems as well as to promote speech research on oriental languages. In 2022, the 25th Conference of the Oriental COCOSDA is returning to Hanoi for the second time, and will be proudly hosted by the Association for Vietnamese Language and Speech Processing (VLSP) and Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study In Mathematics (VIASM). 

List of topics

We invite papers describing substantial, original and unpublished research covering aspects of speech databases, assessments and speech I/O, including, but not limited to:

  • Assessment of speech input and output technologies
  • Multilingual speech corpora
  • Phonetic/phonological systems for Oriental languages
  • Romanization of Non-Roman characters
  • Segmentation and labeling
  • Special topics on speech databases and assessments
  • Speech databases and text corpora
  • Speech processing models and systems
  • Speech prosody and labeling
  • Standardization

Venue (updated on August 12, 2022)

Our survey showed that only a small number of participants can come to Hanoi tue to pandemic situation. In consequence, the conference will be held online, from 24-26 November 2022. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that may cause.

Venue address (for conference committees): Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study In Mathematics, 157 Chùa Láng, Đống Đa, Hà Nội 


All questions about paper submission should be emailed to